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CCG INVESTMENTS FOCUSES primarily on corporate and personal investment plan advisory services with the objective of maximizing plan portfolio performance while minimizing plan portfolio risk.

Nearly Two Decades of Qualified Plan Investment Experience

As the client base of the CCG Pensions division grew, there evolved a growing demand for management of the assets within the plan. The powerful pension plan designs being created by CCG Pensions were enabling plan participants to amass considerable sums of money. This created the demand for the formal management of those assets. Additionally, as client’s businesses matured and they became high net worth individuals, areas such as business continuation and estate tax concerns created complex planning problems that needed to be solved.

It became evident to adequately service these growing client needs, CCG Pensions needed to expand its approach to include financial services, particularly as clients sought investment advise that was based on the same independent, unbiased methodology used by CCG Pensions for the plan design itself.

This led to the creation of CCG Investments, an SEC Registered Investment Advisory firm equally dedicated to providing high quality, independent, unbiased service.

Fiduciary [Not Broker] Standards

CCG Investments operates according to the CCG group philosophy of Fiduciary [Not Broker] Standards. To ensure its complete independence and to eliminate bias and potential conflicts of interest, CCG Investments Operates on a pure FLAT FEE basis only and will never take a commission.

Further, if there is ever any other form of compensation paid to CCG by a vendor for a product or service we recommend to you, we guarantee, by contract, to disclose such compensation and to apply it against our consulting fee.

You’ll never have to wonder if a recommendation is being made because CCG is being paid by someone else to make it.

Our Core Values Are the Basis of Our Stability

CCG Investments has continued the CCG group tradition of growth by attracting outstanding consultants and staff with high levels of experience and diversified backgrounds. CCG Investments has been built by operating according to the Core Values of the group:

  1. Fiduciary [Not Broker] Standards
  2. Good Plan Design is Foundational
  3. Full Accountability
  4. Teamwork is Crucial
  5. An Obsession with Service

CCG Investments has proven that this philosophy can sustain an organization throughout the continuous changes affecting the financial services industry—and enables our client relationships to span decades.

We Invite You To Experience the Strength of Our Consulting Services—Free of Charge:

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