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The CCG Investment Philosophy: The key to our effective management

BEFORE YOU CAN begin any relationship, it is essential to understand the basic philosophy of the other party.

As well as the basic philosophy that guides the entire CCG organization, CCG Investments has its own specific philosophy as described by the following:

Complete Independence: We will not accept payment from anyone other than our client. This way no member of our company will ever be tempted to make a recommendation that is not in the best interests of our client. Financial institutions will have to get us to select their investments based on their results over time, not because they pay us a commission.

Fee Only: When clients select us to act as their investment advisor, we will act for them on a fee only basis. Our clients will always know what they are being charged. Clients will never have to wonder about the integrity of our recommendations.

Use of Process: We follow a specific process to reach our investment recommendations and present them in a manner clients easily understand.

Asset Allocation: We believe in diversifying asset classes to lower risk and create an efficient portfolio.

Market Timing is Inappropriate: History and studies have proven that staying in the market with a diversified portfolio is the optimal way to achieve top performance.

Long Term Outlook: We maintain a long-term outlook because history and studies have proven that those who maintain a long-term view will reap the rewards.

Client Education: We educate our clients in our methodology and maintain regular contact.

CCG Asset Allocation: The prudent and efficient investment tool

Modern Portfolio Management recognizes that most people are risk adverse. It diversifies the types of investments made on behalf of the investor. Investing money in one type of investment is a tactic that can result in unnecessary losses for the investor.

The purpose of asset allocation is to provide investors with an optimal mix of investments in their portfolio to minimize the possibility of loss and to maximize likelihood of the investments fulfilling their ultimate role—to provide income, either now or in the future, for you or for others.

Studies have been conducted to show the factors which contributed most to the success of an investment portfolio.

A report published in Financial Analysts Journal reviewed the actual investment performance of certain pension funds as compared to what could have been achieved had the funds followed a stable, long-term asset allocation strategy.

The report stated that over 93% of the funds’ performance was attributable to the manner which the funds had diversified their assets and only 6% of their performance was attributable to activities such as picking certain stocks or market timing.
CCG Investments monitors the performance of thousands of investments which are then fed into our model asset allocation portfolios.

From our vast database, we create your individual portfolio.

While past results are no guarantee of future results, they provide great insight into the future and allow for informed decision-making.

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