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Pension Plan Implementation and Administration

THE GOAL OF CCG Pensions is to help companies offer the maximum benefits to their employees, with the minimum cost and with minimal distraction of management time. The methodology we employ to achieve this goal is our unrivalled two component structure that ensures full accountability:

  1. Plan Consulting and Design to Fiduciary [Not Broker] Standards
  2. Full Plan Implementation and Long-Term Administrative Services

Clients of CCG Pensions find that their burden as a plan sponsor is substantially reduced because of our skill, efficiency and expertise with these two components.

Once a plan is implemented, clients must “live” with their plan administration company for decades to come. For this reason, it is critical that clients carefully select their pension plan administrator wisely.

After 38 years of serving clients with qualified plans and, as our testimonials show, CCG Pensions has passed the test of time. We invite you to review the following overview of our plan implementation and administration services:

Teamwork that Spans the Decades

It is essential to realize a qualified plan has a life span that often exceeds the life of its creators.

It is for this reason that the relationship with the plan administrator should be able to stand the test of time.

To enable relationships that have the strength to span the decades, CCG Pensions has developed a unique teamwork structure that creates both a trust and a continuity with our clients that goes beyond the individual.

CCG Pensions has been carefully structured so that our team of professionals function within an unusual blend of teamwork and individual responsibility. With the complexity of today’s regulations, markets and the variety of pension plan options to consider, no one person can be an expert on all aspects of retirement plans. Accordingly, our management and support-staff work as a team, formally and informally, ensuring a constant exchange of ideas and information. Each member of our team of experts brings his or her special strengths and perspective to bear on each plan we design. This provides a solid platform of shared expertise and experience. It ensures creative plan design and the drafting of a highly effective plan document.

And, most importantly, this unique team approach keeps all of our professionals current on the changing needs and status of each of our clients.

Pension Plan Service is the Key to Long term Relationships

Once a qualified plan is implemented, timely excellent service and effective administration are vital to making the plan pay dividends for the client company and its employees for decades into the future.

For this reason, the CCG group core value: “Obsession With Service” is the pride of the entire CCG Pensions team.

Over the past 38 years, we have proven that service is the key to the long-term success of our clients’ qualified retirement plans and essential to the stability of our relationship with our clients and their staff.

CCG Pensions understands a client’s need to get timely feedback on any question or issue about the company’s employee benefit package. As a result, the CCG Pensions team is always available to handle the questions and issues our clients face. Our trained employee benefit specialists are prepared to research carefully any question clients raise, and then respond thoughtfully and promptly.

Lou Russo, Chairman and founder of CCG states: “Detail is very important in our business. We sweat the small stuff. That’s the only way we can do our business well. We make sure that both the employers and their staff always get the answers they need.”

Implementation Services

Beginning with the plan’s implementation, clients see the difference our experience and our team structure make in creating success for the plan. A dedicated CCG Pensions team, committed to the successful implementation of the plan, goes to work. It includes the Director of CCG Pensions, our in-house ERISA counsel, he plan consultant and our experienced and dedicated support staff. We are responsible for:

  • Developing the implementation schedule and working with you to coordinate enrollment
  • Reviewing all necessary paperwork and discussing the plan implementation checklist with you
  • Identifying the specifics that affect your plan’s implementation including:
    • Payroll deductions and schedules
    • Record keeper data requirements
    • Type of output
  • Tracking each step in the installation process
  • Keeping you regularly informed of progress


Plan Sponsor Services

CCG Pensions provides a comprehensive range of plan sponsor services. We offer these services to make your life easier and also to assist you in your fiduciary duties. As fiduciaries, plan sponsors are justifiably concerned about the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) mandate to manage their retirement plans with “care, skill, prudence and diligence.” We support you in meeting these requirements. CCG Pensions will help you develop and maintain a qualified plan that meets ERISA requirements. And, we will review the plan periodically to ensure it continues to do so. Our ongoing plan sponsor services include:

  • Complete IRS Services including:
    • IRS-approved plan documents with Summary Plan Descriptions (SPD)
    • Signature-ready IRS Form 5500 and Summary Annual Report
    • Distribution and benefit payment processing that includes preparation of IRS Form 1099R
  • Online reporting
  • Full annual compliance testing (ADP, ACP, Top-heavy, annual additions)
  • Daily valuation and record keeping, if required
  • Automatic vesting updates
  • Optional employee eligibility notification
  • Quarterly employer reports
  • Quarterly participant statements
  • Administrator’s handbook and manual for easy reference
  • Distribution planning
  • Plan termination

Plan Participant Services

CCG Pensions provides a comprehensive range of plan participant services including:

  • Participant communications
  • Quarterly participant statements
  • Online reporting participants can use to:
    • Obtain information
    • Check their account balances
    • Confirm transactions
    • Prepare loan modeling
    • Determine the status of pending distributions

Actuarial Valuation and Services

CCG Pensions provides a comprehensive range of actuarial services including:

  • FASB Reporting and Disclosure
  • Emerging Liability Studies
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Retiree Benefit Calculations
  • Combined Plan Limitation Analysis
  • Loan Calculations
  • Special Studies

With CCG Pensions as both your plan consultant and plan administrator, you have available our unrivalled two component structure that ensures full accountability and that has stood the test of time—serving our clients successfully for nearly four decades.

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“Over the decades, CCG has earned the total trust of our firm.”

GSE Dynamics has been in business for 38 years. The fact that we have been a client of CCG for over 25 of those years really says it all. I have been with GSE Dynamics for 29 years and have been the liaison between CCG and GSE since we became their client in 1983. I think it would be fair to say that I have an in depth understanding of their capabilities. Accordingly, without hesitation, I can confirm that their benefits consulting and plan administration capabilities are remarkable and their personnel are outstanding. They always go the extra mile and their patience and guidance are first rate.

Over the decades, CCG has earned the total trust of our firm and as a result, we are very confident and comfortable with our relationship. We would not hesitate to recommend CCG to any company seeking a strong, independent, benefits consulting group.

Carol A. Fescura
Director of Human Resources
GSE Dynamics

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“Public Service has been a client of CCG for over 20 years.”

We have been clients of CCG for over 20 years. We value the longevity of this relationship and the level of trust that has developed from it. The depth of knowledge and experience CCG has in the employee benefits arena is reflected in the creative plan designs they have provided us. They with have enabled us to get the benefits we were looking for, at the right cost. We have always found CCG to be very responsive, attentive to detail, very personal, complete in their level of service and, importantly, very fair with pricing. We have no hesitation in recommending CCG.

Charles Sommer
Public Service Truck Renting, Inc.