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Pension Plan Consulting and Design

CCG PENSIONS WAS founded in 1971 to fill the need for a professional pension firm to provide quality service to employers based on our core value: Fiduciary [Not Broker] Standards. For over 38 years, CCG Pensions has provided independent, unbiased, broad-based employee benefit and actuarial consulting services to clients throughout the New York metropolitan area.

We are deeply experienced with every type of benefits plan, including:

  • Defined Benefit Plans
  • Money Purchase Plans
  • Profit Sharing Plans
  • 401(k) Plans
  • Employee Stock Ownerships Plans (ESOPs)
  • Target Benefit Plans
  • Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plans
  • Voluntary Employee Benefits Association (VEBA)

Despite our significant growth, our mission remains the same:

“To provide individualized, professional, unbiased service to each client.”

Our service is provided by an experienced, knowledgeable professional staff, which prepares clients to handle the complex issues of employee benefits, pension, and tax laws. Our clients cover a broad base of categories, including manufacturing, personal services, transportation and retailing. Our unique capabilities enable us to meet the needs of large companies while retaining the capability of serving small and medium-sized businesses.

CCG Pensions is a member of the American Society of Pension Actuaries. We emphasize continuing professional education among its staff. Our in-house training and education program is unique in the industry, keeping our staff members informed on the many employee benefit and pension issues that clients face. In addition, our associates attend seminars that keep them current with changes that affect employee benefit planning and pensions.

Most noteworthy, the State of New York has accredited CCG Pensions to train accountants and financial planners as part of their Continuing Education requirements.

The Employer Faces Several Issues

All businesses face the challenges of attracting and retaining productive employees, remaining competitive in the marketplace, reducing income tax liabilities, managing employee benefit costs, and contending with changing tax laws. Those challenges are above and beyond the firm’s actual business.

How CCG Pensions Works

The answer to these challenges can be a properly designed employee benefit package. Such a package can help retain experienced employees, provide employees with long-term security, help in the company’s tax planning, manage employee benefit costs, and assure the company’s compliance with applicable regulations.

With such an array of tax and benefit planning needs, employers need professional service. CCG Pensions performs these employee benefit services on a fee only basis.

Analysis, Plan Design and Implementation Address Client’s Needs

CCG Pensions has built its name on the power of its Plan Design. The first step in the benefit planning process is the analysis of a client company’s objectives and priorities. As a firm with years of experience, CCG Pensions asks the right questions in order to design the right plan. CCG Pensions performs this analysis in conjunction with the business owner and his advisors.

Once the client’s objectives have been outlined, these needs are individually addressed by examining each of the employee benefit plans available. The CCG Pensions feasibility study distinguishes the advantages of each of the alternatives available to the client.

Together, CCG Pensions and the client choose from among the alternatives to design an appropriate employee benefit package.

After plan design, preparing trust documents and implementing the plan are the next steps. Again, CCG Pensions works with the client and his advisors to help put the plan to work. Implementation is the key to making plan design a reality. The successful ongoing administration of the plan is the key to the plan’s long-term success.

Pension Plan Implementation and Administration

CCG Pensions is unique in the benefits consulting world as we offer our clients an unrivalled two component service structure that enables full accountability.

1. Pension Plan Consulting and Design—to Fiduciary [Not Broker]

2. Full Plan Implementation and Administrative Services

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“CCG saves Charles Leonard, Inc. significant money each year.”

Charles Leonard, Inc. has been in business for over 60 years and we take pride in our business partnerships.

One of those relationships is with CCG. They have been serving as our 401k benefits consultants for 11 years.

We have been loyal to them because of their excellent service, prompt response to our questions and the competence of their employees. I have found them to be extremely knowledgeable with all aspects of 401k benefit plans including recommendation of funds of handling of government reports. Their reporting is always timely and accurate.

CCG saves Charles Leonard, Inc. significant money each year due to their excellent plan designs and administrative efficiencies; most importantly their services have made me more productive.

Harold Lamkay
Charles Leonard, Inc.

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“CCG…Saved Duralee Money Because Their Solutions Are Based
On What’s Best For Us”

Duralee has been a client of CCG for over 20 years. Their consulting advice has always saved Duralee money because their solutions are based on what’s best for us.

Their customer service is excellent. They always follow through and they always do what they say they are going to do.

Lee Silberman
Senior Vice President