Core Values

WHEN OUR CHAIRMAN EMERITUS, Mr. Lou Russo, founded Comprehensive Consulting Group in 1971, he established a set of core values that have guided CCG to its position as the premiere specialist, benefits plan consulting and plan administration group in New York.

The Core Values of the Comprehensive Consulting Group are not mere words in a corporate presentation.

Together, they constitute the CCG philosophy that we are trained in, immersed in, and live by.

  1. Fiduciary [Not Broker] Standards
    It is our duty to put our client’s interests ahead of our own—always.
  2. Good Plan Design is Foundational
    Good plan design determines the long-term success of the program.
  3. Full Accountability
    When coupled with stringent ongoing administration, good plan design insures full accountability.
  4. Teamwork is Crucial
    A team approach transcends individuals and ensures seamless continuity over the decades.
  5. Service—Performance Is Reality
    Talk is talk. Words are words. Performance is reality.
  6. Deliver On Every Promise
    Promise only that which we can deliver, then deliver everything that was promised and more.
  7. Qualifications Matter
    We must always be prepared to operate with complicated, ever-changing laws and circumstances.
  8. Experience Empowers
    All the qualifications in the world are worthless without practical experience.
  9. Commitment
    The quality of commitment is rare. Be 110% committed.
  10. Sweat the Details
    Any goal can be met if you are prepared to “sweat” the details.

Over the past 38 years CCG has defined, refined and institutionalized these values so that every CCG professional and every member of our staff is guided by them. They have one purpose—to help insure that we meet our Service Standard:

“Promise only that which we can deliver, then deliver everything that was promised and more.”