CCG Fiduciary Standards

Our Beliefs…And How They Benefit You

A CONSULTING COMPANY that holds itself to a set of fiduciary standards sees it as their duty to put their client’s interests ahead of their own—always. They will fulfill their duty by establishing a set of standards and forming a contract with their clients to uphold and maintain those standards at all times.

At CCG, we do not see how a consulting firm can serve its clients in a safe and unbiased manner, free of conflicts of interest, without upholding an agreed set of fiduciary standards. We hold this fundamental belief so dearly, we sign a contract with every client that ensures that we put your interests ahead of our own—always.

As compensation is always at the root of bias and conflicts of interest, CCG underpins its “Fiduciary Standards” core value with an explicit fee guarantee.

CCG Is Not A Broker.

CCG Is An Independent Consulting Firm Operating To Fiduciary [Not Broker] Standards.

There are currently three advisory models:

  • Brokers operating to Broker Standards
  • Consultants operating to Broker Standards
  • Consultants operating to Fiduciary Standards

As you can see, two of the models are operating according to broker standards. The broker model is not serving clients. It is serving brokers and their employers—the insurance companies. There is only one model that guarantees the client will receive recommendations that are in their best interest and free from any bias or conflicts of interest. That model is the “Fiduciary Standards” model.

We invite you to review the following table to clearly see how a consulting company operating to fiduciary standards is clearly the most appropriate advisor and is most likely to produce a benefits plan that is designed for the best interests of its clients.