Our History

CCG FINDS ITSELF in a unique position of growth and stability within the financial services industry. An understanding of the evolution of CCG requires a brief review of its history.

Soon after CCG’s inception in 1971, the financial services industry went through the first of many tax law changes, the most significant being ERISA in 1974. CCG Pensions was formed in response to this tax law revision to service the corporate pension market. As a pension consulting firm, CCG Pensions grew through its dedication to quality service. Our technical expertise was matched only by our equal dedication to efficient service.

Benefit Plan Design & Consulting

As CCG Pensions’ client base grew, there evolved a growing demand for effective asset management. Effective pension design enabled business owners to amass considerable sums of money but also required them to properly manage those assets. As their businesses matured, areas such as business continuation and the estate tax concerns of these high net worth individuals created additional problems.

It became evident that CCG Pensions needed to expand its approach to include financial services to adequately service its clients’ needs. This led to the creation of CCG Investments, an organization equally dedicated to providing high quality service. Thus, CCG Investments, in affiliation with CCG Pensions, stands out as an organization representing stability with an eye towards innovation in meeting the future needs of its clients.

CCG Investments has continued our tradition of growth by attracting outstanding candidates with diversified backgrounds. Built on the simple premise of quality and professionalism, CCG Investments has proven that this philosophy can sustain an organization throughout the changes affecting the financial services industry.

In recognition of our clients’ needs within the health care arena, CCG Benefits was formed. Its mission is to round out our benefits consulting services with complete health care design, plan administration and claims processing. One of our key strengths is in our value-added approach where our independence allows us to provide solutions not normally considered by others.

CCG Has Three Divisions
To Give Its Clients
The Complete Range of
Exemplary Benefits Services
They Need


CCG Benefits focuses primarily on self, partial and fully insured health care plan design, plan implementation, plan administration and cost containment.

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CCG Pensions focuses primarily on employee benefits plans, plan design, administration services, actuarial services, and educational services.

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CCG Investments focuses primarily on providing specialized investment advisory services to companies with qualified retirement plans.

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