Benefit Plan Design

THE CCG PHILOSOPHY: Benefit Plan Design is the key to cost reductions, increased benefits, increased flexibility and control.

The ideal combination for any program is to maximize attainable benefits while minimizing costs.

Our experience has shown us that many companies have the wrong emphasis in this regard, as shown in Chart 1.

They remain focused on minimizing costs and wrongly believe that they must forgo benefits because of this focus.

The CCG difference is that we have proven that good benefit plan design is the missing element that will allow you the rare combination of maximized benefits with minimized costs.

When the emphasis is on low final cost as being the most important benefit, and not on good plan design, many benefits are unnecessarily forgone. CCG helps you to consider all options.

Chart 2 shows the elements we believe are necessary to ensure that the needs of all the parties in any program are taken into account.

The parties include: owners, shareholders, family, employees, institutions, federal, state and local governments.

We look at the past and present commitments, at the present and future objectives of the various parties in a program, at your budgets and cash flow and at the latest laws and regulations (at all levels) which affect the decision-making process.

We then creatively apply our deep knowledge of the options available to the information we have gathered and use our wide experience to design a plan which: balances the competing needs of the parties, provides the maximum attainable benefits for the minimum cost and which contains the maximum flexibility to enable future needs and changes to be incorporated into the plan with ease.

And, when CCG uses the term benefits, we include every facet of the word, not just final cost. This is the CCG difference.

We include: accurate and on-schedule easy to read reporting, high quality benefits provided by vendors with excellent reputations, ease of access and attention from our top executives which leaves you knowing that you have received the maximum benefits in every sense of the word.

In other words—”powerful plan design incorporates every aspect of quality and true service.”