Our Service Standards

“Talk is talk, words are words.
Performance is reality.”

Harold S. Geneen, former CEO of ITT, used this wonderful phrase in his outstanding book, Managing.

Harold Geneen captures the essence of CCG’s Service Standards.


IN A WORLD filled with so much talk, so many unfilled promises and such mediocre performance, it is becoming increasingly difficult to be able to believe the “talk” of many companies.

At CCG, we have made it part of our culture to make the reality of performance the measure of our success, not talk.

When we analyze your situation and needs, and propose specific plans, you can count on what we say and what we present—and you can count on us performing as promised.

This is the reality of our commitment.


At CCG, this is our Service Standard:

“Promise only that which we can deliver, then deliver everything that was promised…and more.”