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Employee Benefit Statements

ACCORDING TO THE U.S. Chamber of Commerce, employers spend an average of 40% on top of payroll on benefits alone! Employer paid benefits include Social Security, retirement plans, workers’ compensation, paid time off for holidays and vacations, unemployment benefits, life, disability, health insurance and many others.

Unfortunately, few companies get their money’s worth. Industry studies show that while employees receive thousands of dollars in benefits annually, most have no idea what their benefits are or how much they cost.

In fact, according to HR professionals, over 50% of the workforce don’t understand all of the benefits offered by their employer and the value of their total compensation. The low cost of providing each employee with a personalized employee compensation statement is worth the results!

We help clients:

  • Improve their employee’s morale
  • Increase job satisfaction
  • Decrease pressure for higher wages
  • Lower employee turnover and retain key employees
  • Give their employees an appreciation for high cost of benefits

Consider this:

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