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CCG BENEFITS HAS harnessed the full power of web-based technologies to optimize client and employee reporting. We’ve created an easy-to-use, flawlessly secure electronic office, designed to be used by the employer, employees and providers, with the following advanced features:

  • Password Protection Access
  • Real-Time Census of Eligible Employees
  • Benefit Coverage Details
  • Claims History Information
  • Terminations & Additions to the Covered Group
  • Online Processing of New ID Card Requests
  • Links to Vendors

Clients and employees have information at their fingertips. In addition, our Internet capabilities enhance information management by enabling our professionals to extract the data, with features that are accessible online:

  • Paid Claims by Account, by Benefits Type and by Total
  • Percentage PPO Utilization by Network
  • Paid Claims by Age, Procedure, Diagnosis and Provider
  • Stop Loss Reports
  • Current Year vs. Previous Year Information

CCG Benefits provides access to participants’ personal claims history, with special features:

  • Searching By Date of Service, Check Number and/or Claim Number
  • Learning When Check Was Mailed and Which Provider It Was Sent To

At CCG Benefits, our level of security meets all industry security standards. We utilize proven firewall systems, continually scan for viruses, and employ secure socket layers as well as encryption to authenticate identification.

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