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Health Benefits Plan Consulting and Design

THE CCG BENEFITS consulting division operates according to the Group Planning Philosophy: Plan Design is the key to cost reductions, increased benefits, increased flexibility and control.

The ideal combination for any health care program is to maximize attainable benefits while minimizing costs.

CCG Benefits has been working closely with our clients for over 35 years to ensure that the programs and services in place continue to offer the most logical and cost effective health plan delivery year after year. We understand that each client is unique, therefore we perform ongoing detailed plan analysis specific to each client so we can identify plan improvement opportunities that address that customer’s needs.

CCG Benefits is expert with every aspect of:

  • CCG Total Control Plans
  • Self-Insured Plans
  • Large Group Plans
  • Small Group Plans

We have established and maintained strong relationships with the top insurance carriers allowing us to provide our clients with the most competitive coverage and health plan design options. We are constantly researching creative and innovative ways to provide our clients with the best options for them and their employees.

CCG Benefits works with clients to establish goals and plan parameters that will meet their financial objectives. We investigate all plan options including traditional medical plans as well as consumer driven health plans. Based on the size of the client firm, alternate funding vehicles may be suggested to achieve maximum savings opportunities.

Our clients range from the sole proprietor to very large clients with multi site locations throughout the country. We develop our recommendations after carefully evaluating the specific needs of our clients, reviewing proposals from the marketplace and coordinating a comprehensive proposal that is designed to reduce cost while maintaining a viable benefits plan for the firm to offer to its employees.

Our staff will assist in the implementation of your plan by coordinating employee communication and any educational meetings. We will work with you and the health insurance carriers to assure a smooth transition of coverage and will continue to provide assistance on an ongoing basis.

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