Fee Guarantee

CCG BENEFITS PROVIDES clients with a fee guarantee that stems from our core value:


CCG Benefits maintains an unswerving, non-negotiable commitment to its fiduciary [not broker] standards philosophy.

This means we have a duty to put your interests ahead of our own—always.

CCG Benefits maintains:

Unless a consulting firm upholds fiduciary standards, it is impossible to serve a consulting client as a trusted advisor, perform in an unbiased manner, or be free of all conflicts of interest.

As compensation is always at the root of bias and conflicts of interest, CCG Benefits contracts with each client:

  • To operate with a fee-only compensation structure that creates zero incentive to make a recommendation to a client based on compensation.
  • To make a clear identification and disclosure of all sources of compensation.
  • To always disclose every cent of our compensation and what we have done to earn it.
  • To make a clear identification and disclosure of all potential conflicts of interest.

CCG Benefits guarantees by contract, that the only compensation we will ever accept is with your direct knowledge and prior approval. And further, if there is ever any other form of indirect compensation paid to CCG Benefits by a vendor for a product or service we recommend to you, we guarantee, by contract, to disclose such compensation and to apply it against our consulting fee.

You’ll never have to wonder if a recommendation is being made because CCG Benefits is being paid by someone else to make it.

Read our Explicit Fee Guarantee in full.

“We would not hesitate to
recommend CCG.”

“CCG has managed the Fairchild Republic healthcare plan since 1990. Their people are wonderful and make every effort to keep us satisfied. Their service is efficient and quick and the data is always timely and accurate. We are very satisfied with our relationship and the level of service we receive and would not hesitate to recommend CCG.”

David Jordan
Retiree Plan Committee
Fairchild Republic VEBA