CCG Professional Affiliations banner

CCG is widely recognized in the professional community for its total commitment to its core values: Independence, Qualifications, Experience, Commitment, Attention to Detail and Obsession with Service.

AS SUCH, CCG is continuously called upon to work with metro area Accounting and Advisory firms, their CPAs, their staff and their clients in various capacities.

Many of these firms are also direct clients who utilize the three CCG benefits consulting divisions for their own partners and employees. Notably, over 40 CPA firms have invited senior CCG consultants to their locations to educate their partners and staff in the complex benefits arena. CCG has also provided continuing education services to many of the CPA firm partners in its role as a State Accredited Educator. CCG also works with some of the firms during client regulatory audits. The following is a partial list of these firms:

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PriceWaterhouseCoopers logo Ernst & Young logo
Abrams Herde & Merkel
Albinder Altman & Block
Albrecht Viggiano & Zureck
Ambrico Warshavsky & Co.
Anchin, Block & Anchin
Arnold Friedman & Co.
BDO Seidman
Berman Sosman & Rosenzweig
Bernath & Rosenberg
Bertucelli & Malaga
Blanchfield Meyer Kober & Rizzo
Blonder Seymour & Shapss
Boyce Hughes & Farrell
Carney Tiger Krell & Pacheco
Castiglia Eaton & Co.
David Sieger & Co.
Doloboff & Nadler
Dougherty & Connell
Druckman & Hill
Ernst & Young
Farber Blicht Eyerman & Herzog
Feldman Meinberg & Co.
Finkle Ross & Rost
Friedman & Co.
Fulvio & Associates
Fuoco Group
Getzel, Schiff & Ross
Giambalvo Kilgannon & Giammarese
Gibgot Willenbacher & Co.
Gilbert & Levy
Goldman & Goldman
Grant Thornton
Grassi & Co.
Hertz Herson & Company
Hiltzik Schneider Ehrlich & Co.
Holtz Rubenstein Reminick
Horowitz Waldman Beretta & Maldow
Israeloff Trattner Co.
Jaeckle, Kearney & Lepselter
James McGurren CPA
Kalmus Siegel Harris & Goldfarb
Kenneth Hauptman CPA
Kessler & Liscia
Konigsberg Wolf & Co.
Kweit Mantell Heupert & Co.
Landau Arnold Laufer
Lange & Co.
La Sala CPA
Leon D. Alpern & Co.
Liberta & Milo
Lipner Gordon & Co.
Lipsky Goodkin & Co.
Lopez, Edwards, Frank & Co.
Marion & Berner
Markowitz Fenelon & Bank
Marks Paneth & Shron
Martin Kaplan CPA
Martin Klein & Co.
N J Grella & Associates
Nussbaum Yates Berg Klein Wolpow
Orgera & Wasenius
Paul Zacher CPA
Perlson Touhy & Co.
Prager & Fenton
Present, Cohen, Smallowitz & Glassman
Presti & Naegele
Prosky & Rosenfeld
Raich Ende Malter & Co.
Rogoff & Company
Rosenblatt Kiman Levittan Levine & Co.
Saranto Calamas
Schor & Co.
Seidel Kessler Blum & Company
Sessler Macklin
Silverman & Mordfin
Singer & Falk
Sklar Heyman & Company
Soloway Goldstein Silverstein & Co.
Spielman Koenigsberg & Parker
Steve Greenberg & Co.
Steven Moss CPA
Tallbe & Crowe
Tanton & Company
TCBA Watson Rice
Weisman & Co.
Weiss & Feldman